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In-frame ventilators Air intake silencers
SHF - Silencers, in-frame

SHF - Silencers, in-frame

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Description Packg. * Code
Window inlet kit
SHF 22 (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB) 70 0676
SHF 30 (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB) 70 0677
SHF 45 (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 46 dB) 70 0678
SHF HY (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 48 dB) 70 0679
* packaged quantities are shown for information purposes – All items can be ordered singly

Kit SHF = SHF + air inlet vent (M or ISOLA HY) + 2 plastic adjusting sleeves + finish plate + GAE2A BL + 6 screws + installation instructions (individual cardboard packaging)

SHF 22 (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB)
Dn,e,w (Ctr) 
  46 to 48 dB 

GAEmore information

Slot for joinery spacer 354 x 12 mm

The SHF silencer made entirely from polystyrene fits into all types of infill in the top of the joinery frame. It can be fitted either in the interior of the infill, with an adjustment sleeve, or with the removable front face exposed for inspection and maintenance

(according to the installation configuration). lt is used in conjunction with an M22, 30, or 45 self-regulating air inlet or with an ISOLA HY humidity controlled air inlet.

The silencer is fitted in the top of the joinery frame before fitting the infill. Make sure the sides of the SHF inserted into the infill are lagged to ensure a thermal break.

The MPR sleeve fitted through the infill must have at least 10mm of its length inside the silencer. Can be installed in infills of thickness 80+10mm to 100+10mm. For deeper infills, a second adjusting sleeve will be required.

Cut out a 354 x 12mm slot in the joinery member. An MPR sleeve can be fitted to the bottom of the silencer. If so, the slot dimensions must be 365 x 20mm to accommodate the adjusting sleeve.

Make the silencer an airtight fit in the joinery member with a foam or silicone seal. 

Screw the air inlet and the GAE2A outer wall grille in place.

The faceplate plate  sandwiched between the air inlet and the MPR sleeve  provides a professional finish on the wall.

CETIAT test report 21 14 236/2
Acoustic insulation

 Type Dn,e,w (C) Dn,e,w (Ctr)
SHF + M 22 48 dB 47 dB
SHF + M 30 48 dB 47 dB
SHF + M 45 47 dB 46 dB
SHF + ISOLA HY 51 dB 48 dB