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In-frame ventilators Air intake silencers
SC - Silencers, through-wall

SC - Silencers, through-wall

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Description Packg. * Code
Window inlet kit
SC 125 EM A 22 m³/h (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB) 70 2228
SC 125 EM A 30 m³/h (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB) 70 2229
SC 125 EM HY (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB) 70 2224
External wall grille GAPM 125 18 2207
* packaged quantities are shown for information purposes – All items can be ordered singly

Kit SC 125 = Air inlet vent (EM A or EM HY) + sheet steel sleeve Ø125mm + muffler sleeve MAC 125 + GAPM 125 + installation instructions (individual cardboard packaging)

SC 125 EM A 22 m³/h (Dn,e,w (Ctr) = 47 dB)
Dn,e,w (Ctr) 

External wall grille GAPM 125more information

Cut-out Ø125 mm

The SC silencer comprising a muffler sleeve in conjunction with a self-regulating or humidity controlled air inlet (circular connection) fits into all types of infill after making a round opening in the wall and sealing in a Ø125mm sheet steel sleeve.

The assembly comprising the SC silencer, the GAPM outer wall grille, and the EM HY humidity controlled air inlet or EM A 22/EM A 30 self-regulating air inlet can be fitted equally well into externally or internally insulated walls.

Make a hole in the wall and seal in a steel sleeve (max ID Ø125, min ID Ø120) sloping slightly toward the exterior. Outside, once the sealing filler is complete, screw the GAPM 125 grille adapter in place and clip the grille to it.

Fit the Ø125 muffler sleeve into the Ø125 duct. Plug the air inlet into the duct.

CETIAT test report 2813146-4 RT 1414056-3
Acoustic insulation
Type Dn,e,w (C) Dn,e,w (Ctr)
SC 125 EM A 22 50 dB 47 dB
SC 125 EM A 30 50 dB 47 dB
SC 125 EM A HY 50 dB 47 dB