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Airflow circuit components Dampers and bypasses with motor

RM-ME - Defaut

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Description Packg. * Code
RM-ME Ø 100 open on energize (N/C) 1 1310
RM-ME Ø 125 open on energize (N/C) 1 1311
RM-ME Ø 150 open on energize (N/C) 1 1312
RM-ME Ø 160 open on energize (N/C) 1 1313
RM-ME Ø 200 open on energize (N/C) 1 1315
RM-ME Ø 100 24 V open on energize (N/C) 1 1310-24V
RM-ME Ø 125 24 V open on energize (N/C) 1 1311-24V
RM-ME Ø 150 24 V open on energize (N/C) 1 1312-24V
RM-ME Ø 160 24 V open on energize (N/C) 1 1313-24V
RM-ME Ø 200 24 V open on energize (N/C) 1 1315-24V
* packaged quantities are shown for information purposes – All items can be ordered singly
RM-ME Ø 100 open on energize (N/C)

The RM-ME motorized damper works in fully-open/fully-shut mode, operated by an electric motor. It consists of a 100–200mm circular damper for shutting off a branch duct in a ventilation or air conditioning network.

The RM-ME range of motorized dampers are used for closing an airway channel by operating a power switch. The damper flap returns to its original position through spring action when the power is turned off.

The damper is adaptable to all types of circular ducting from 100–200mm diameter. It must be kept easily accessible for maintenance.

The ducts are fitted directly onto the metal connection pieces, without encroaching on the plastic section of the damper. The assembly is made airtight with sealing compound, adhesive tape, or collars, depending on the type of duct.

Observe the airflow direction indication on the damper. 

- Power supply 230V via 2 cables 2 x 0.75 mm2

- Power drawn on opening or closing: 2.5W

- Operating pressure head: P ≤ 200Pa

- Maximum service temperature 60°C

- Torque 0.3Nm

 Response time
on opening 8 seconds
on closing 8 seconds
 Body + flap made from class M1 plastic
 Galvanized steel connection pieces
 Electric motor connection block (for flap opening and closing)

 Connecting cable (approx. 20cm long)



Connect the cable to a nearby junction box.

For safety protection, provide a 1A phase+neutral circuit breaker.

Before undertaking any work on the dampers, isolate them electrically at the main switchboard.