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Extraction vents Inlet vents with adjustable flow

BEMR - Defaut

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Description Packg. * Code
BEMR 100 36 1060
BEMR 125 20 1061
BEMR 160 12 1063
BEMR 200 10 1065
* packaged quantities are shown for information purposes – All items can be ordered singly
BEMR 100

Made entirely from sheet steel with a white epoxy paint coating, BEMR vents comprise an intake cone, an adjustable centre disc, and a lip seal to hold the unit in place and keep it airtight.

The rubber seal enables fitting without an adapter onto a flexible or rigid duct or onto a 3-claw drywall adapter, length 100 or 150 mm.

The graphs below show the flow vs pressure curves for BEMR vents. The figures at the top indicate the setting position R in mm.

Slacken off screw . Move the centre disc  inside the intake cone  to the selected setting position. Tighten the screw.