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In-frame ventilators Humidity controlled units
AIRA HY - Humidity controlled units

AIRA HY - Humidity controlled units

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Description Colour Packg. * Code
Window inlet kit
AIRA HY + CE2A 50 0697
AIRA HY + CE2A + 5 screws + 3 screw covers 50 0695
CFA (anodized aluminium) 44 0194
CFA (white lacquered aluminium) 44 0195
CFA (black lacquered aluminium) 44 0196
* packaged quantities are shown for information purposes – All items can be ordered singly
Dn,e,w (Ctr)

   34 to 37* dB
*Model with CFA

CFAmore information
External wall cowl CE2A more information

Slot (in mm) 354 x 12

AIRA HY air inlets are for use in an ALIZÉ III humidity controlled ventilation system (Technical Appraisal 14.5/17-2269 and 14.5/17-2268) where they work in conjunction with the system’s humidity controlled or timed extraction vents. They are characterized by a flow that varies from 5–45m³/h according to the humidity in the room, at a pressure head of 20Pa. 
The humidity controlled AIRA HY air inlet for indoor fitting is made from polystyrene. It is installed in main (living and bed) rooms to supply the air renewal in single-flowrate, humidity controlled forced ventilation systems.

It works both on vertical walls and on inclined planes (e.g., roof skylights, undersides of roller shutter boxes). The external wall cowl is made from UV- and weather-resistant polystyrene in the same colours as the air inlets.
Exclusively for fitting to surfaces sheltered from bad weather. For non-sheltered surfaces please enquire with us.

On the inside, the air inlet is centred on the 354 x 12mm slot and fastened by 3 screws. It has a clip-on cap. On the outside, the cowl is centred on the slot and fastened by 3 screws (horizontal fitting).
The components must be kept easily accessible for maintenance.
For fitting to an SRT through-wall silencer, please click here.

Acoustic insulation

Type Dn,e,w (C) Dn,e,w (Ctr)
AIRA HY + CE2A 32 dB 34 dB

Similar characteristics apply without an external wall cowl.